Throughout college, I’ve had many formal events that required floor length dresses. The biggest concern: where does a girl on a college budget buy formal dresses?

When you first go on the website, you’ll see that it says “junior clothing” and you’ll come to see that it’s pretty true for about 90% of the clothes on the site. The other 10% consists of affordable floor length gowns for all types of events. I currently own 4 dresses (descriptions and pictures below):

  1. My senior year of college, I helped plan a charity ball for my sorority, and I definitely wanted to make an impact with my dress my last year. I searched everywhere and for dresses that fit my requirements, nothing was below $200. Then I found Lulus. I bought the blue lace dress (Picture #1 in the mosaic grid below) and I knew I had to buy it right away! It was the perfect color, and while it’s mostly sheer, it was classy. The best part? The dress was only $50. Click here for the dress.
  2. The 2nd and 3rd picture in the mosaic grid is the long pink dress. I needed a less formal dress that was feminine and airy, yet more casual than anything else I owned. I found this perfect light pink dress on Lulus and found that it was perfect for a sorority holiday party and an NYU sponsored event at The Met. Unfortunately, they don’t sell this dress anymore on the site 😦
  3. The black dress in the 4th picture of the grid is one of my favorites of all time. For my NYU senior formal, I wanted a classic long dress without breaking the bank. This dress is classy, but has some sheer panels on the side. The entire back is also a sheer panel. The dress is made from a slightly thicker material, and was able to keep me warm both at the formal and also the NYU boat cruise and it was only $35! Unfortunately, like the pink dress, this dress doesn’t exist on the site anymore.
  4. The berry dress in the 5th picture is also one of my favorites! The print at the top runs into the bottom layer, then the plain chiffon layer at the bottom is a maxi with a slit so that when you are walking, the pattern layer becomes visible. It is super comfortable and a great dress for many occasions! Click here for the dress.



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