Yes Way Rosé

I started this blog to write just about clothes, but decided that this clutch was enough of a statement piece that I had to write about it! The moment I saw it on Lulus, I knew I had to have it. First, it was the cut out design that attracted me. It’s simple enough to carry to a brunch or dinner but fancy enough for a night out, especially in the rose gold color!



Now I don’t have pictures of the inside, but there is a second pouch inside in the same color that would hold your stuff and keep it from being visible through the cutouts. The best part? It comes out all the way and has multiple uses. I’ve used the inside pouch to hold smaller makeup items! I highly recommend this purse to anyone who is looking for that one statement piece that has multiple uses.


Examples of outfits:

  • Dresses
    • Spring dress
    • Clubbing dress
    • Two-piece dress
  • Skirts and blouses
  • Shorts (more formal and not denim) with blouse
  • Jeans, heels and a chiffon shirt



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