Every relationship needs a long-lasting foundation.

When it comes to foundation, I believe in the “tried and true” method. Since this is a product that is applied to the entire face and can have adverse affects such as an allergic reaction, acne, etc., I always use the same product for years on end. A few years back, I found the Giorgio Armani Silk Luminous foundation and I was hooked!

Now a few weeks ago, I ran out of the foundation and had a wedding coming up, so I definitely needed a long-lasting product! It became difficult for me to stock up on the product because I got lazy with ordering it online and it was only available in one store in all of Manhattan. When I was visiting my parents in PA, I decided to just get a quick foundation for the wedding and figured I could stock up on the Giorgio Armani after. After talking with a sales assistant and doing some research, I settled on the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless foundation.


Pros Cons
Long-Lasting Slight orange tint (if you use too much product)
Feels very light

If you read through the reviews on Sephora, you can see that there are some mixed opinions. This is why I would never 100% recommend a product for anyone and would highly suggest everyone get samples at Sephora before sticking to one product (you are allowed 3 free samples at a time).

Just to quickly go over my personal experience, the only con I have found so far is that there can be a slight orange undertone, but I use the Laura Mercier Setting Powder with all my applications, so that allows for a more natural color. Also, you only need to use a drop for your entire face, and the orange tint only shows through if you try to cake your face with too much product (image below shows the amount I use for my whole face).


Now for the pros, this foundation is incredibly long lasting! For one, you can see in the image later in this post that I only use one small drop to cover my entire face. I also applied this foundation at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon, had a long night of Indian dancing at a wedding reception, fell asleep (I would never suggest this, but I was exhausted and decided to take the risk this one day), went to brunch and I started to notice it wearing off around 3pm Sunday, so it lasted a good 22 hours! It also provided full-coverage and felt extremely weightless. Even with my oily and acne prone skin, the foundation stayed matte and did not further irritate my skin. Conclusion: I am in love with this product!


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