My essential travel beauty kit

Hello everyone! With my trip to the Bahamas in the next few days, I wanted to put up a post on my top travel essentials and once I am back I will do a whole post on my trip!

Aside from makeup, theres always a few products I love to carry with me on every trip. Since it will be super warm and I have excursions in the water, I won’t be wearing makeup during the day. I’m pretty conscious of my skin, since I used to break out a lot and I have some scars left over, so it’s pretty rare for me to step outside without covering them up (it doesn’t always have to necessarily be a full face of foundation, even some concealer would do). With these concerns, I have to make sure to carry some products that will keep my skin clear and fresh! My natural hair is also curly/frizzy in humid weather, so you can imagine I need to always carry some hair product to combat this issue.

Keep reading for my 4 travel essentials:


  1. Tea Tree OilAn oil grown in Australia that has antiseptic qualities. I’ve found that it works great for when you start breaking out. I have a terrible habit of touching my face a lot, so to clean out bacteria, this is a great product! Just as a note, this link leads you to Amazon but I always buy this product in person.
  2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray This facial spray is formulated with fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater. It can be used to boost hydration or even to set makeup! It’s gentle enough to be used throughout the day as needed – I typically use it once in the morning before applying my makeup and once again at night after using my tea tree oil.
  3. Argan OilMy hair is naturally curly, which basically means it’s frizzy all day if I let it air dry with no products. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t use argan oil. There 2  ways I typically use this: I either run it through my damp hair and let it air dry, or after straightening my hair, I use the argan oil to tame the baby hairs that stand up with static. I can typically find this product in a Duane Reade or CVS.
  4. Rosebud SalveI don’t go anywhere without this product! I use it by itself during the day or on top of any drying lip stains. I also lather layers of it on at night so that my lips aren’t dry when I wake up!

Thank you guys for reading and stayed tuned for the next post on my trip to the Bahamas!


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