Resting Beach Face: My Caribbean cruise experience

Happy Sunday everyone! I am so excited for this post on my cruise this past week!

I was originally set to take a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas, but once Hurricane Matthew hit, we were re-routed to Key West and Cozumel. Since everything was up in the air in terms of changing ports and not being sure what the weather would be like, packing was a bit tough. Other than bathing suits, I wasn’t sure if I should be packing for warm weather or cloudy, rainy weather. Here’s a video from our balcony leaving Miami and on the beach in Key West (definitely great seeing clear, blue water after living my entire life seeing the Hudson River)!


To make my suitcase as small as possible, I decided to just pack 2 outfits for each activity, one for warm weather and one in case it was unexpectedly cloudy. This was of course tough for me but I definitely did not want to be carrying around large suitcases. Also, I did not want to carry around my camera since shore excursions were not confirmed, so unfortunately, I don’t have too many pictures wearing everything I packed. I only have pictures of me on formal night and in one bathing suit. Here’s a brief list of what I packed:

  • Bathing suits: For this trip, we were set to be on land 2 days and at sea 1 day, so I decided to pack 4 bathing suits. I wanted my options for when we were on port and also for the pool/hot tub on the ship. Also, since one of my bottoms is black, I was able to mix and match the tops if I needed to! This was a great way to pack light. I tried to find links to my bathing suits but since I bought them a long time ago, they are not sold anymore.



  • Cover ups: When packing, I thought of cover ups in 2 ways. I packed 2 sarongs so that if it’s super warm and we’re on the beach walking around, I can just wrap that around me. For the times we were walking through the town of Cozumel or around the ship randomly, I packed a pair of shorts and then a few crop tops for the warm weather. [Examples of some of my shorts and crops below]


  • Dinner: For the dinners, I packed a formal dress that I’ve been meaning to wear for a while and then a chiffon dress that could be considered “formal” when worn with heels. In addition, I also brought shorts, a skirt and a few tops.



  • Accessories: 
    • Jewelry: I only carried one necklace for the formal night since I didn’t think I would need to wear any accessories around the ship. Click here to buy the necklace that I am wearing with the red dress. Click here to buy the earrings I am wearing with the red dress.
    • Hat: I bought this Nine West hat in Macy’s a few years back for another vacation and was never able to use it. I was so happy to be able to put this hat to good use this trip because it was great to wear on the beach with just my bathing suit but also with my cover ups when walking around the ports.
    • Shoes: Since shoes take up a lot of room, I decided to pack very light. I wore a pair of flats on the airplane and carried sandals for the beach, a heeled sandal (these are not the exact ones, but very similar) and a pair of black heels that would match any outfit.

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