REVIEW: Jule Cosmetics Fall Bundle

Well, it’s finally fall weather out here in NYC and I am so excited to post about fall makeup! There is nothing I love more than fall inspired lipstick colors. Aside from red, I would say 90% of my lipstick shades are plum/raspberry shades and I wait until fall and winter to pull them out!

After finding Jule Cosmetics on Instagram, I decided to take a chance and purchase the fall bundle which comes with three shades: Vixen, Chaotic, and Night Moves. Even with my love for purple/plum colors, I was a little nervous to try these colors. Vixen is a red shade, which I am always excited about! Chaotic and Night Moves are much darker than the typical berry shades so this is definitely either for a night look or for those who are bold enough to wear during the day!

The packaging was adorable and included a lip scrub which works as well as it smells 🙂



Vixen is a pretty classic red shade so I was very excited to add it to my growing collection, and Chaotic is a great purple/plum shade for the fall. Nigh Moves looks a bit more brown, which made me a little nervous as I am of Indian descent and have brown skin so I typically stay away from skin tone shades, however, you can see in the image below that it doesn’t really come off as “skin tone” on the lip.






Night Moves:


Now for the lipsticks themselves, they are highly pigmented meaning you don’t need to apply too many layers to get the desired color. The colors have a creamy texture are easy to apply. From my experience with them so far, the color also lasts a long time! For anyone who is looking for highly pigmented lip colors I would definitely recommend trying out Jule Cosmetics 🙂 I am planning on trying out the liquid lipsticks because they are supposed to matte finish as well so keep your eyes out for that review soon!


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